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  • Iris Chen

    Iris Chen

    自由工作者;Facebook私密社團【數位產品經理不想公開的秘密 Secrets Digital Product Managers Don’t Want to Disclose】https://www.facebook.com/groups/SecretsOfDigitalPMs/

  • Peter Su

    Peter Su

    Product guy | Passionate about products | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peter-su-09120020/

  • Josie Cheng

    Josie Cheng

    Amazonian / User Growth / from 0 to 1 / Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/josiecheng17/

  • Raeka Chen

    Raeka Chen

  • 茄子蛋糕 Legnacra

    茄子蛋糕 Legnacra


  • Lin Ching

    Lin Ching

    在典範體制下不斷打破框架,玩出很難定義的人生。從中文系跳到數位學習與教育研究所,現任AI智慧機器人PM。善變的是思維與應用,不變的是熱愛學習的心,還有對世界保持善意的溫暖~ 歡迎交流:sindylin319@gmail.com

  • Sophia Tang

    Sophia Tang

    Hands on software development experience for about 5 years. Experienced in application for wireless IoT devices, and Cable TV domain.

  • Max Chiang

    Max Chiang

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